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Though he was pretty annoyed throughout most of the films anyway.

Half Blood Prince ron hermione lavender scene

Professors Snape, Dumbledore and Slughorn in the back ground is gold! They may be extremely powerful, wise and all knowing- wizards and yet teenage girl drama fascinates Dumbledore, baffles Snape and terrifies Slughorn.

The first and last words of the Harry Potter movies are said by Albus. "I open at the close." OH MY POOR FEELS. and the whole harry potter fandom cries together, flooding the earth, and ultimately destroying the impurity called LIFE!

21 Reasons "Harry Potter" Has The Most Dedicated Fandom Ever

Are we just going to ignore the fact that it is indeed a FERRET? Draco's kid will be like "But Daaaad, Albus has a ferret!" and Draco will just have to relive his horrible memories of being a ferret.

Try to read this without crying...I dare you

I have a twin sister of my own and just reading that and imagining how that must feel makes me want to sob too.

I need a better hobby than collecting funny pictures - Imgur

I need a better hobby than collecting funny pictures

Draco fan theory #HarryPotter

Draco fan theory

Draco ripped out a piece of paper from an unknown book in the beginning of Chamber of Secrets. Hermione had a ripped out piece of paper talking about the Basilisk in the movie. Not sure I agree, but it's food for thought!

That time you cried over an owl... | 29 Times Tumblr Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

A character death you wish didn't happen: . and then I was 20 and crying over the death of a fictional owl.

Fred and George Weasley. Fred's death was probably the only one I actually cried about..

Book VII from Fred and George sucks. I sorta expected Dumbledore to Obi-Wan on us (that's the way Heroic quests flow), but Sirius and Dobby, I thought it couldn't get worse. Fred was the worst. - Harry Potter / Fred 'n George Weasley.

:O Harry Potter Awesomeness! The part with Fred and George Weasley made me cry.  Also, I love how Voldemort looks.

What would Harry Potter look like if he went Anime?

Funny pictures about Harry Potter's Anime Version. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter's Anime Version. Also, Harry Potter's Anime Version photos.