Batman #612 pg15 | Jim Lee

Batman #612 pg15 | Jim Lee

Assassins Creed Video Game Poster Print 12x18 by SPACEBARdesigns  I really want this.

Assassins Creed Video Game Poster Print by SPACEBARdesigns so so cool 😆 this is one of my favorite video games of modern time.

Assassins are just like the rest of us. Just a little more... stabby.

Funny pictures about Ezio pumping gas. Oh, and cool pics about Ezio pumping gas. Also, Ezio pumping gas photos.


so many levels of AWESOME Assassins Creed. dark achangel Ezio Auditore da Firenze fan art can't get over how epic this is

Assassin's Creed

Gaming Gone Vector by Chasing Artwork