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Just click the audio and watch the lovely icon. Sherlock and Benny Hill!

How cleaver. Gif<--- well that sums up seasons quite nicely

How to train your high functioning sociopath

"How to Train Your High-Functioning Sociopath.-) but seriously, how are these related to How to Train Your Dragon?

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You have to love a thread that has Sherlock, Doctor Who, the Hobbit, and Cary Grant.

Sherlock & Frozen

Way too accurate // Sherlock Mary + Frozen

Young Sherlock and Mycroft disciplinary form. (P.S., I'm retiring.)

This is just too cute. Young Sherlock and Mycroft disciplinary form.

Sherlock and Mycroft's school disciplinary forms. i could definitely see this happening - spin off idea! the holmes boys' shenanigans in school

Omfg Stahp

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Sherlock Is Totally Dead

Not even a cupcake survived. Btw Sherlock is totally dead.

Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

Be my best man?

A very Sherlock reaction. My favorite scene in all of Sherlock

Cute Sherlock, Dr. John Watson and Jim Moriarty.  Sherlock (BBC):

John Watson and Jim Moriarty. Sherlock (BBC) ---- hat man and robin haha!

"The Suspense Is Killing Me Faster Than a Drop Off a Building," which has also left me in suspense, come to think of it...

The Suspense is Killing Me Faster Than a Drop Off a Building

The consulting criminal shoots himself in the head, causing the army doctor to watch the consulting detective jump off a building. The detective somehow lives but doesn't tell anyone for another three years.

"The difference between John's face and Sherlock's face. This is not the first time John has seen this happen to a man.<< John Stewart has right!

Who the holy heck thought this was an ok thing to do....?

Please excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Or on the roof. Does anyone have a ladder I could borrow? You can't go cry on the roof! <-- excuse you, we can go cry in roofs if we want! NOW SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER!

I can't. <<<< I love the Prestige reference. I love that movie.

Sherlock and Prestige!   Nailed it