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⋆☾⋆ You're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece ⋆☾⋆

//is there any possibility youll quit gossiping about me. to hide your insecurities//

[ You're Beautiful ]✧.                                              Love Anika @i1uvMYFAMILY

This style? Black leather jacket, oversized white tee and black leggings with white sneakers?

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Halsey is another one of my favorite artists. Her music is raw and emotional mostly, but other times it's nostalgic and softer. Either way, I love both Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and Badlands, the two albums she's released so far.

I really want to take a moment to send my condolences to Ashley. If you haven't heard, she has been in the hospital for multiple surgeries regarding her endometriosis. I really hope she is doing well and I recommend everyone show hybrid support and respect for her at this time. Because relating to the endo. she had gotten pregnant on tour and had a miscarriage. Please be respectful. I beg you. I love you Ashley

I chose this image because i like how the image in the background is slightly blurred and distorted. I like how it is distorted yet you can still tell it is supposed to be a rose.

Halsey is a dead ass constant mood ♥️

Halsey is a dead ass constant mood ♥️