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Being embarrassed about tampons when you're around men is so stupid. You shouldn't teach your children that.

Being embarrassed about tampons when you're around men is so stupid. why it doesn't make sense it's just a hygienic product come on people ?


TRUTH Sounds like the stories my husband makes on the fly lol

Think it'll happen?

Defying Anime Stereotypes <<< ((the last one)) *cough* Haruhi's dad *cough*

You’d probably be super hot to a medieval person.------> STORY PROMPT: All mythological figures are time travelers

"I was sick" "I'm okay" "I'm just tired" "yeah I did all the reading" "did you see the email that I sent you?"

You promise you wouldn't... but you f*cking did

All of the lies you've been told. Imagine reading through them, thinking to yourself "say, this isn't too bad." You're afraid to look at the name the quote is attached to.

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Lorde is probably one of my favorite artists and I need her new album NOW!

This is exactly why stalking is ok.

The same way Jason Nash isn't in jail for accidentally video taping some random guy in a dressing room when he meant to video tape Scotty for one of David's vlogs. -only reason I pinned this was cos I the comment. Love the Dorbrik gang❤️

Chemical formula for love

Tumblr Tuesday 1-27

But what if we do start manufacturing love pills. Uase it normally, it's Brave New World feel-goodsies, but an overdose could mean severe psychosis. <<< woAH THATS A GOOD PROMPT