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Solar eclipse, as seen from Earth’s orbit, amazing how the universe works

Ognuno di noi ha un angolo segreto nascosto nel cuore, fatto di desideri e sogni, in cui tornare la notte.  - Virginia Woolf -

I've seen stars like this on a few occasions, but one needs to be in the thickness of the dark, and far away from the thickness of man~ Céu

etherealvistas: “Rising Milky Way (Australia) by Tim Wood ”

The Carina Nebula

The observations of Eta Carinae's light echo are providing new insight into the behavior of powerful massive stars on the brink of detonation. Credit: NOAO, AURA, NSF, and N. Smith (University of Arizona)

Pinos y estrellas

"Moonlit", by Mikko Lagerstedt / Latyrx, taken 6 Dec. near Kuopio, Finland: great shot of Milky Way seen above the trees; conveys a fine sense of hush

Resultado de imagen de milky way

Milky Way Dawn by Royce's NightScapes Pre-dawn AM). Milky Way over the Grand Teton Range, near Moran Junction, Wyoming. Due to airglow and smoke in the air from recent wildfires, this is one of the most colorful Milky Ways I've ever photographed.