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wolkovitch airplane wing - Recherche Google

wolkovitch airplane wing - Recherche Google

Monster Jumbo Could Be The Largest Airplane In The World

To answer the needs of larger, more fuel efficient, and more silent airplane, Philip Pauley has designed Monster Jumbo Aircraft. This Quad Deck Monster Jumbo

Wing in Ground Effect (WiGE) vehicle, with maritime deployment in mind (possible SOAR applications).

Wing in Ground Effect (WiGE) vehicle, with maritime deployment in mind (possible SOAR applications).

Langley researchers have been testing the Boeing Aerodynamic Efficiency Improvement Joined Wing Wind Tunnel Model in the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel.

Langley Image of the Week

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The plane which could mean non-stop flights from the UK to Australia (but you'll have to wait until 2050 to try it) [The Future of Aviation: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/aircraft/]

How 'blended wing' plane could mean non-stop UK to Australia flights

The Future Of Aviation by KLM AHEAD aircraft (Advanced Hybrid Engine Aircraft Development)

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the sustainable future of flight – futuristic air cruiseship

Aurora takes on Lockheed in contest to build cargo X-plane

I'm Imagining VTOL, wie the Harrier, with those big far forward inlets, and those top opening doors wie the Mig