Add drama to your eyes with blue and green eye liner.

15 Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks to Die For

Catherine Dea & Katrina for Flare December 2011 by Chris Nicholls retro vintage hair hairstyle make up blue

.Make up Art

Possible Products: Superstar/Snazaroo Black and Gold paints and Eyeshadow Pros: Builds Character Cons: Heavy makeup around the eyes. Pros: Striking and eye catching Cons: May draw attention away from the other characters

Beauty or Art? Stunning Avant Garde Makeup ...

Beauty or Art? Stunning Avant Garde Makeup ...

Fruit, via germex73

This is a good example of food photography because it brings in another element of art, but still focuses on the food as the subject. The also use the food as inspiration for the make-up of the girls in the photos.

Astuces maquillage

13 astuces beauté carrément dingues dévoilées par les plus grands maquilleurs

Astuces maquillage

25712-ayami-nishimura-10.jpg (660×950)

Magazine: Sunday Times Style, May 2010 Title: Paint Magic Photographer: Jem Mitchell

This is a picture by mac and I love how the colours in the makeup compliment each other making the image bright and fun. Almost plastic looking airbrushing though, makes her look like a doll.

Which Brand Of Makeup Should You Use?


White frosted baby blue eye shadow in the crease with elongated black eye liner in dramatic cat eye.-- I just realized Left Eye essentially has this makeup on in the No Scrubs video.

Make Up; Metallic; Gold; Eye Shadow.

gold eye makeup - "Trust in Dreams" - Glass Magazine Autumn 2012 - photography: Bojana Tatarska - Model: Shu Pei - makeup: Alice Ghendrih - hair: Yusuke Taniguchi

natural beauty | Tumblr

I am not a fan of these cheeks, but everything else I am. The natural but defined brow, hard edge on eye contour and orange lips.