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Hard to cook delicious food when you can't friggin' get the ingredients!

From Virginia Sole-Smith: "And the reason my doctors are so stymied is because these conditions have been dismissed forever and ever — by doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, employers, men, other women, society."

There is some definite downplaying going on here, but this is some info on why GOOD produce is so important and refined/processed foods are SO terrible.

Unpopular People May Die Sooner, Here’s Why

JUIZ DE FORA SEGURA : 12/02- Charles Darwin/(Martinho da Vila / Domingui...

Israeli armed forces are used to highly demanding orders and expectations from the Israel defence ministry. However, the soldiers’ performance in other areas will soon be boosted after the defence ministry ordered supplies of the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra for its troops.

Brian Feldman, um dos investigadores da Universidade de Stanford, segura o microchip

Spectrophotometric determination of vitamin E ( -tocopherol) using copper(II)-neocuproine reagent (Molar absorptivity of a-tocopherol)

Grain research at the Global Institute for Food Security