Luthier Tools - Dial indicator for measuring thickness of guitar tops

Luthier Tools

Luthier Tools - Dial indicator for measuring thickness of guitar tops

Thickness Caliper

Thickness Caliper

Our precision caliper for luthiers, now in metric! It gauges critical thicknesses on guitar, violin, or mandolin soundboards or backs.

Fret Bending Jig - Homemade hand-cranked fret bending jig constructed from wood and hardware.

These are my free fret bending jig plans, and the video explains everything you need to know in order to make an inexpensive fret bending jig from scraps.

An Amateur Luthier: Tools and Tricks

It feels as though it has been a long time since I've posted anything, because it has. Extenuating circumstances have left me .

I wrote a 508 page guitar making book that simplifies a lot of the processes that you encounter as a new guitar maker. I cover making tools, customizing your guitar, making jigs, finishing, and a ton more. This is a great companion to any step by step book, and with over 500 pages and over 1600 images, it's thorough and helpful. Click to read more about the book, and happy building.

Acoustic Guitar Making for Beginners

Here are my best guitar making posts so far. They are all in one place, and can help you on the way to making better guitars faster. These are for beginner guitar makers, as well as those who have made a few guitars.

Acoustic Guitar Construction Back Bracing

A Guitar Construction gallery by David Antony Reid, Luthier.

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