*MISS BUNNY (Thumper's girlfriend) ~ Bambi, 1942

Thumper's girlfriend,have you caught on yet that I love purple eyeshadow and big lashes?

Flower ♥

Flower the Skunk from Disney's Bambi. Rarely do I think skunks are cute, but this guy is just plain adorable!


Bambi: the cute little reason I dont eat deer! Or rabbit. Or skunk. Heck, I wouldnt eat skunk, anyway!

Don't cry my baby...I am here by thecutelittlekitten.deviantart.com  This melts my heart... :'(  #Disney #Bambi

the day bambi's mother died.when bambi was asleep she visited him I got very inspired to do this. so beautiful :') Bambi's mother pose is referenced. Don't cry my baby.

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