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Gifs, gifs e mais gifs! Com vocês, a segunda coleção de imagens em movimento que deixarão todo mundo hipnotizado. No primeiro post sobre o tema, trouxemos

#transformationtuesday! A little over 7 months of working hard and becoming a healthier better version of myself! I've been struggling with feeling like my progress has slowed down since coming back to college and I've been getting over some food sensitivity issues that made me feel really bloated but regardless happy to see how far I've come since that first day! I felt so helpless like I was stuck and there was nothing I could do to change my life my body or my happiness. I am grateful…

Darkness - GTAV [Lord Byron Poema] - .YourMachinima.

Today I'm introducing myself, as the final piece to the leader puzzle for the #uneditedretreat2015 // my name is Mallory, but my friends call me Mal. UNEDITED was born just over one year ago in the back corner of my favorite coffee shop, and at the time was nothing short of an outlet for me to digest the things I was learning, the ways I was hurting and how much I was growing through all of life's crazy, beautiful, and sometimes ugly ups & downs. Today, it's still that-- but different. Today…

branca73: “ “Somos donos dos nossos atos, mas não somos donos dos nossos…

When Lilabet agreed to be Iago’s bride she had no idea about the witches… CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE

There will come a day, when I am able to do that !