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Sasuke comic

Naruto Doujinshi - Wedding March by SmartChocoBear on deviantART oh my gosh yes…



Bolt and Sarada. LOL. sorry sasuke, but i dont remeber you flirtin' very well either

Bolt and Sarada XD XD No it's just that Bolt has Natuto's genes.<--funny, but no SASUKE sucks at relations so.


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Oh my gosh....throw away matsuri and her friend and why  in  the hell  is  naruto  in. sexy-no-jutsu.   poor gaara.

naruto - hehehe this is kawaii why naruto has oiroke no jutsu though O.

People pair Ino with Kiba? Oh well everyone else is taken guess it's okay.

I ship Kiba and Hinata, Tenten and Neji, Naruto and Sasuke, Shikamaru and Temari, and idc abt Sakura and Ino

Sasuke is making plans early

Sarada meets her parents in the past. Love how Sakura faints! Sasuke starts making plans early and how they look back and forth to each other.