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Danielle peazer and elounor calder

"DANIELLE is in NYC with Eleanor!" It means their friends? They've been friends for a while, just cuz Payzer broke up doesn't mean there gonna stop being friends.


you may have your opinions but i bet she is a far better person than any of you haters are! in fact i hope to be like her! pretty, smart and nice.

She's just stunning..  I love her

She's just stunning.and absolutely perfect i wish i was just as perfect stunning and flawless as you. I love you so much Smith Calder

dcp1006: @Eleanor Smith Calder giving me her best dancer impression

Smith Smith Calder actually I thought you seemed like Dani! She's a dancer.are so funny:) xxx

that face. she loves him, guys. she really does. stop being selfish!

Slick black shirt, with cut pieces revealing skin near her lower neck, and a cute dark blue overall on top

Larry is SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves. Why don't you lamebrains just accept that Harry and Lou are just great friends and leave poor El alone! You aren't just hurting her, but the boys too. It's a bromance, for crying out loud! Understand that you have the right to be wrong and MOVE. ON.

to the so called "larry shippers" who say shes ugly, get some respect idc if elounor is fake, this girl is gorgeous! i know that the real larry shippers are respectful and kind, stop giving them a bad name! Everybody Love Everbody!

eleanor calder's style

I feel like she can wear anything and still look beautiful in it! She can rock any outfit!