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Our coaching center is an opportunity for any person or team to have Rick & his Master Mind team come alongside for ongoing, practical, personal, coaching.

Are you committed to the dearest place on earth?

The local church is the dearest place on earth. It is the one place where the body of Christ can gather to celebrate their King while care for each other.

What kind of church do you attend? Here are six models.

Each church has a unique personality that reflects the leadership. What kind of church do you attend? Here are the upside & downsides of six church models.

Eight ways to make your prayer life better

Prayer is every person’s dilemma and tension. Many Christians struggle with a consistent prayer life. Learn these eight tips to change your prayer life.

Is your church a preaching center or a discipleship community?

Preaching of God's Word is essential for life transformation but preaching alone is not enough. A preaching center and discipleship community work together.

Gemiddeld kijken we drie uur per dag televisie. Zou jij een dag zonder je tv kunnen? Fenna en Maurits gingen de uitdaging aan. Van middernacht tot middernacht ging de afstandsbediening achter slot en grendel. “We hadden bewust de maandag uitgekozen”, vertelt Maurits over zijn prestatie. “Dan zijn de meeste kutprogramma’s op tv. “Radar, KampeerTV, Wie is de Chef? We dachten dat we [...]

There are difficult moments with others where you don't agree and you believe you should have a conversation with them.

How a wife can lead her husband

A wife is the husband's greatest asset or liability. One of the ways she can help the marriage is to lead him as she models the practical Christ before him.

The danger of trying to please God

Obedience is not an act to please God as though you could gain His favor. Your obedience comes from a heart of joy that has been transformed by the gospel.


Sometimes to some people the words biblical counseling communicates a two-tier system in Christianity--those who can and those who can't.