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Cabana style for pilates shed? - A modern hotel that blends into a stunning landscape among rice fields, vineyards and pristine beaches.

Pedra, madeira, palha, taipa e tijolos de barro dão um clima natural às fachadas.

Neat design for beach house. Moveable shutters on common areas. Ability to float up the pillings for storm surges.

Plantation chairs furniture layout ideas

Breaking Dawn: Honeymoon Hideaway in Brazil

CASA DE FÉRIAS COMPORTA | Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

CASA DE FÉRIAS COMPORTA | Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

House in Marahu Beach, Mosqueiro Isle, PA, Brazil by Ana Perlla & José Jr.

Extérieur typique pour cette cabane portuguaise

Comporta : des maisons-cabanes au paradis

Take a breake.     Smell the fresh ocean air. Feel the Sand between your toes. Warm prickly skin. Quiet. Only natural sounds: lazy waves, loving breezes, birds, children's giggle. The pouring of water.  Feel your heart.

Sea The Sand Beach beach :) South Male Atoll, Maldives beach with swing.heavenly of Sally Lee by the Sea maldives

On apprécie la pureté des lignes

Cabanes chic pour joli paradis