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Webspinners - Tales of Spider-Man # 13 by Graham Nolan & Agustin Mas

What r u guys thinking!!!?? Posting Spidermans weakness on the Internet!!!!????? HAVE U NO SHAME????!!!!!!

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Comic Book Critic - Google+ - Spectacular Spider-Man #40 (Mar '80) cover by Al Milgrom & Joe Rubinstein.

The Spectacular Spider-Man 1980 Frank Springer Pencils. Cover by Al Milgrom. Since becoming the Spider-Lizard, Peter Parker has been terrorizing New Yorkers, getting significant negative press.

Marvel Team Up #141 - Spider-Man and Daredevil

Marvel Team-Up (Marvel Comics - May Illustrators: Art Adams (Pencils) & Mike Mignola (Inks)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #206. John Byrne Pencils. A Method in His Madness!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. He first appeared in Amazing Fantasy (August Spider-man Comics, Amazing Spiderman Comics, vintage spider-man, Spider-Man comic book collections.