leather jacket + plain t

May 11 Qwearly Dashing Week 10: Bad News Babes

leather jacket + plain t

Courtney McCullough

nervousfingers: Skipping school with Chris Fitzgerald Model: Courtney McCullough

Tomboy  // Teacher // #theslashies

dimitragkm: Model : Joanna/VivianC Stylist : Marianna Ptr Hair : Jimbo Sergiou Accessories : Clic Jewels (but don't smoke!

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idasoup: “ I will always have THE biggest crush on Kristen Kish. Second woman to ever win Top Chef, model, queer Asian-American woman, all-around badass.

taur:  Maartje Verhoef and Lucky Blue Smith by Patrick Demarcelier

Blurred Lines: Vogue Highlights Androgynous Fashions Maartje Verhoef & Lucky Blue Smith Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier Stylist: Tonne Goodman

Agyness Deyn photographed by Boo George - mrcoddington.tumblr.com

Agyness Deyn photographed by Boo George in “Soldier Boy” for Love Magazine Fall & Winter 2010

open with Adam} "I'm so bored I just wanna get pizza or something but I'm to lazy"  I groan -Adam

open with Adam} "I'm so bored I just wanna get pizza or something but I'm to lazy" I groan -Adam

It's around 5 pm and I'm waiting for you "damn it where is he" I say looking down at my watch and I hear a knock on the door "hey open up nerd it's me!" I hear you calling out from the other side of the door "coming!" I say as I walk to the door ((open rp I can be either and his name is Adam))

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other pinner says, "boots always work". i've always noticed my posture and attitude changes when I wear my motorcycle boots. Maybe I should wear them more often...

Tfw you wear feminine clothing one day and people say, "Oh you've been pretty GIRLY nowadays.😕" assuming that your gender identity is just a phase that'll pass eventually