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introvertedbookworm24:booksandtheirstories:My rainbow bookshelf This is heaven!

“booksandtheirstories: “My rainbow bookshelf ” This is heaven!

Books by color // usually I would classify this as OCD, but there is some visual clarity here  I like it!

i love color coded books

#shelfie by emdawgreads

shelfie by emdawgreads - Amazing Home Libraries

Emdawg Reads

I love how my photos make my room seem so much bigger than it is. No joke, my bookcases literally take up like half of my room hahah! Anyway, here’s a shelfie to brighten up your day!

I just noticed how much like a college dorm my bedroom looks. It’s like my brain is subconciously preparing.



Omg  aesthetically pleasing AF.

Omg aesthetically pleasing AF.

my dream self

Thankful for books.

Envy of all book nerds everywhere

Mine's personal significance. What's yours?

If it fits it sits

Mine's alphabetical by shelf, and my books are on shelves according to personal significance. <<< Mine are mostly organized by genre, and then personal significance.

I like to think more divided shelves means better weight support

I like to think more divided shelves means better weight support


Locate an appropriate spot where you are able to work. Should youn't have sufficient place it is possible to place them on suspended shelves.

I see all of my favorite book series in there

Love this bookshelf!

Pinterest: swavyclubbb

Pinterest: swavyclubbb

♕Pinterest- sunnyluthien♕

Books and Cupcake - May Book Photo Challenge: May - Bookshelf. “ My little pretty corner in my room (which kinda takes up half of the room shhh).

The Paige-Turner

wall of books goals