Christmas 4U from Marjan in the Netherlands.

"Delighting in God’s Word is meant to form us into people whose lives bring delight to God. Sessions with Psalms by Eric & Alicia Porterfield

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Letter from Santa, fully personalised letter from Father Christmas to your children. Santa Claus letter to your kids, also for young children

Christmas and Kids <3

Scrooge by Barbara Bretton Rocky Hill Romances Book One Single mother Samantha Dean doesn't have time for Chr.

Secrets of the Seasons

Christmas is the most beautiful holiday of the year and even though we have managed to commercialize it to a point of no return it stills holds a profound meaning to me and to millions of people ar…

I hope I remember to look at this at Christmas time! how to take Christmas tree pics without flash!

Christmas Tree Photography with your DSLR (A Tutorial)

I hope I remember to look at this at Christmas time! how to take christmas tree pics without flash photography-tips

Love the decor around the girl and he tree that make this a great picture.

Wishing you all the best for a fabulous Christmas - here are some of our luscious Christmas photo ideas to inspire a wonderful festive season.


Little Girl Waiting for Santa - Adorable! I love the look of wonder in Children during the Holidays.