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Nozomu Shibata's biomechanical sculptures. OMG! This guys is amazing!

Deep sea diving octopii, excavating crabs and other biomechanical sculptures by Nozomu Shibata . *Previously: Biomechanical .

Steampunk Insects

Steampunk Animal And Insect Sculptures By Igor Verniy

Mike Libby is a Maine-based artist who glues old watch parts on dead bugs to create steampunk looking insects. Which actually seem pretty cool until you realize that this is what robots will really look like in a few.



ɛïɜ Steampunk Insects ~ Artist Tom Hardwidge  ɛïɜ

Steampunk Arthropod Sculptures depict human fascination with insects and are made from recycled objects and scrap material.

kl8BCEC7mSM.jpg (600×787)

'Dermobot (Skin Crawler)' by Chris Conte. Mosquito-like robotic insect features a functional, miniature tattoo machine. via Wired

Steampunk Mechanical Birdie- POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY

Mechanical Birdie - POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY - I made a newer version of my mechanical birdie - this is version two-point-zero!

Dead Scorpions Turned Into Steampunk Sculptures are Scary [Photo Gallery] http://www.autoevolution.com/news/dead-scorpions-turned-into-steampunk-sculptures-are-scary-photo-gallery-82206.html

Steampunk Clockpunk Mechanical Bugs Sculpture by Dmitriy Khristenko

Steampunk Animals Sculptures by Edouard Martinet | Daily Cool

Edouard Martinet’s Metal Animals Sculptures. He uses all sorts of recycled…


ruineshumaines: “ Borrowing from science fiction and fact, Insect Lab customizes real insect specimens with antique watch parts and other technological components.