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A alegria está na luta, na tentativa, no sofrimento envolvido e não na vitoria propriamente dita.

Buddha Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson: Loud fans have made me deaf in one ear

Louis partially deaf

Emotion Regulation Handouts (several) from a DBT perspective but useful for anyone dealing with this.

Wakamatsu Hirotaka, Wakamatsu is Nozaki's junior from their basketball team in middle school. He joins Nozaki's staff to do screentones. He has a bad experience when his basketball team had Seo participate. Due to stress caused by Seo's behavior at the club, he suffers from insomnia, however when he hears Lorelei singing, he immediately falls asleep, which makes him fall in love with her despite being unaware of who Lorelei actually is. He is in class 1-D.

FDA cleared TENS Unit HM8G (Black) HealthmateForever 8 modes Over-the-counter Tens Machine for Pain Management - Back Pain and Rehabilitation - electroTHERAPY pain relief device for Electrotherapy Pain Management - (Pain Relief Therapy Chosen by Sufferers of Tennis Elbow - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Arthritis - Bursitis - Tendonitis - Plantar Fasciitis - Sciatica - Back Pain - Fibromyalgia - Shin Splints - Neuropathy and other Inflammation Ailments) - Lifetime Warranty... The kit includes: 1…

Harry Styles-imagine dating him! He seems like he would be the cutest boyfriend ever!! Not to mention you'd be best friends with One Direction... One direction imagines and preferences

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Warning statistics behind the most “glamorous” professions in the world. Fashion between drugs, alcohol and sexual harassment

The model Sara Ziff started a non-profit organization “The Model Alliance“,to defend girls rights, which are working on the fashion industry. She told to the “Business Insider” that the industry has no regulation and there is a big presence of exploitation on minors, sexual harassment, drugs and problems food. Thus, a sample of 85 models, “The Model Alliance” has identified that more than a half had problems with cocaine, suffered from depression or was forced to weaken the extreme. Here…

By the early hours of the next morning, most of the positions had been occupied and secured by the Old Hickory Division. As the GIs rested and slept, the village of Mortain celebrated. Their town was now in American possession, free from Nazi tyranny. Miraculously, they had suffered no damage. That was soon to change