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Aries - The Ram Art Print - I would like something like this and have Sky Above me - Earth Below Me - Fire Within me

Aries :P

Ruled by planet Mars and symbolized by the Ram, Aries is the first and most action-oriented zodiac sign: full of energy, highly competitive, brave, and reckless.

Lady Aries ♈

lady aries picture, by yahidithmonnalisa for: zodiac signs dd drawing contest

Aries, full of Fire

Discover more about the passionate Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Aries the fiery Ram

FAQ: What are Aries Birthstones? – Aries Birthstones are red jasper and emerald. What are Aries birthstone colors? What semi-precious birthstones are a match for the Aries sign natives? The Aries s…

Aries girls can be shy and fierce...thats why were charming ;-)

Aries Life Mission: ARIES March April That’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – to take charge of your own life! Source: Aries by Estheryu on deviantART

Aries coloured with Chameleon pens by Wendy Vernon

Aries coloured with Chameleon pens by Wendy Vernon