Love the time when is winter my favourite season ever love it looks soo amazing and beautiful grab a good book with a warn drink and just sit by the window and read in this beautiful snowy winter weather love it amazing my favourite season ever.

I just love this!

Best Snowman Pictures... Ever!

A funny animal picture of a humorous deer stealing a carrot nose from a snowman. This is a wild, nature comedy pic to see.

Pulpit Rock in the background with a beautiful deep rock pool in the forground. The light really did wonders with a stormish sky and some good contrasty side lighting to bring out the colors…Cape Schank ~ Mornington Peninsula ~ Vic.


I have a lot of people asking me about cell phones (known as a “Handy”) in Germany. In order to find out if your cell phone will work in Germany you need to know a few things.

Sweden 2013 (by MaritaToftgard)

10 Breathtaking Photos Of Winter Landscapes

"Winter" by Marita Toftgard. Still cold winter in Sweden,March The snow and ice clad bridge over the frozen river. But this season is different, no snow!

Derk Hansen Winter Splendor

Derk Hansen Winter Splendor

Derk Hansen's print WINTER SPLENDOR is a beautiful winter landscape set in an isolated mountain location. Buy this beautiful prints as an open edition in two unframed image size options.


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