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Having lived on a house boat in Amsterdam for several months while researching a script, I have fallen in love with them. Now renowned house boat designer Myitr Malcew has released his new design called The stunning boat has.

Floating House, Coimbra, 2015 - Friday SA

A team from the University of Coimbra in Portugal has revealed Floating, a modular, sustainable house self-sufficient. “A poetic gateway for two, or mobile house in the heart of a lake for the whole family or

The Maldives Floating House was designed by Singapore-based designer Dymitr Malcew. He said he wanted to create a space to allow people to appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep

The craziest houseboats from around the world revealed

From wave-shaped beauties in Oregon to converted private jets in Florida, these wacky creations show how houseboats come in all shapes and sizes.



Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard has completed a floating home for his family in Copenhagen harbour

Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard drew upon their years of experience living on the water to design and build an floating home in Copenhagen Harbour.

Hausboot, Akkermann

This green houseboat in Germany, The Silver Fish Floating Home, has a green roof, hemp /wood insulation, a bio toilet and Confused Direction interior design

'Oh What A Day' Seattle Houseboat (SOLD!!!)

Spacious feel high ceilings metal hull, metal & cedar shake siding Lots of deck space