"I wish my wallet came with free refills."

21 Posts About Being Broke That’ll Make You Glad Tumblr Is Free

I am the future…well if she lost the cap she should have just plastic wrap it and rubber band it instead of making her look like an idiot posting a pic of her drinking out of a ziplock bag. I am the future at problem solving.

Happy Asian Face... - The Meta Picture

Happy Asian Face…

Funny pictures about Happy Asian Face. Oh, and cool pics about Happy Asian Face. Also, Happy Asian Face.

This is almost incredible. If that happens to me, I can only hope to remember to be as cool as this chick!


Funny pictures about Asian Students. Oh, and cool pics about Asian Students. Also, Asian Students photos.

12 Hilarious Stoner Thoughts As Tweets

12 Hilarious Stoner Thoughts As Tweets

because destiny does crazy unpredictable things to make something happen whether its good or bad

On education: | 29 Of The Best Australian Memes On The Internet

On education:

"One does not simply eat an entire spoonful of Vegemite. Here stands a true idiotic Australian

These have me rolling

Here are 12 questions that need answers right now but no one can seem to find the right answer. Have you ever had a question this deep?

… At least most of the time:

23 Reasons Why Group Projects Should Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth

The Time Ed Sheeran Almost Killed Taylor Swift....lol

The Time Ed Sheeran Almost Killed Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran +Peter Jackson= Explosion of Awesomeness!