Red Rose Tattoo - A red rose, being the queen of roses, conveys warmth, affection and love. It symbolize the true love.

65+ Beautiful Flower Tattoo Designs

Beautiful roses of any kind and color may blossom at your skin! Rose tattoos are ore one of the most popular tattoos in the world. Tenderness of these gorgeous flowers and strength of the ink combine in the rose tattoos. Take a look at rose tattoos photos

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Brook has these capping her right shoulder and upper arm and the skull-like silhouette tattoo is overlaying the roses.

rose with eye and butterfly tattoo - 40 Eye-catching Rose Tattoos  <3 <3

40 Eye-catching Rose Tattoos

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60 Beautiful Rose Tattoo Inspirations

This is the rose (minus the stem and bow) I want but with midnight blue and dark rich purple in the black and the outer petals tattered but not the placement.

Monarch Butterfly 3d butterfly tattoo by WickedlyLovelyArt on Etsy

Monarch Butterfly, butterfly tattoo Wickedly Lovely Skin Art Temporary Tattoo (available in two sizes) by on @DeviantArt

This--only to illustrate the simple used and the sort of energy/strength/dynamism of the gesture. (I wouldn't want any of the texture at the edges--only much simpler clean lines) - JW