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Schoolhouse Rock.  How the majority of the 1970s kids passed their tests on the…

Oh how I loved School House Rock. I can still sing the Preamble to the Constitution!

Aluminum tumblers.  My grandma and all my great-aunts had these when I was growing up... such fond memories

aluminum drink tumblers - omgosh -- these were my dad's FAVORITE glasses for drinking cold milk :) I still have a small set of them that belonged to my dad. And yes, I use them for cold milk.

Remember having to defrost the refrigerator?  (or never even heard of it?  lol)  And metal ice-cube trays.

Remember having to defrost the freezer? And metal ice-cube trays.yes we had to make our own ice cubes.

Remember this glue in elementary school? So messy.I preferred the Elmer's White Paste with the little brush in the top of the lid

Bubble Umbrella (circa 1970s). innrømmer at jeg fremdeles er litt på utkikk etter en slik paraply: syntes de var fasinerende - og glamorøse - da jeg var liten

All Neutral Shift Dress

Bubble Umbrella (circa I had this exact umbrella in grade school.

Blast from the past- GASP- I was obsessed with these in 5th grade!!! My first makeup, awww, lol!

Maybelline Kissing Koolers - Strawberry Fizz

Maybelline Kissing Koolers - Remember this flash back from the

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(Special Anniversary Edition) - Conjunction Junction, what's your function? In the and the catchy Schoolhouse Rock tunes taught millions of children the fundamentals of math, grammar, science, history and money.

Scorching hot metal slides. Can still feel the burn on the back of my legs.

Hot sun on metal playground slides. But was still fun - especially if you used a sheet of waxed paper under your butt to go faster!

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Any wound that doesn't require stitches gets mercurochrome

Another vintage piece of entertainment for the 1960's kids.

My favorite childhood toys! Tip-It and Battling Tops were my absolute faves. My Dad used to play these with my sister and I.

This is just like the phone we had in our kitchen the 1960's. It was the only phone in the house.

I remember rotary dial BLACK phones.this is just like the phone we had on the wall in our kitchen while growing up in the It was the only phone in the house, so you could forget about having any privacy.And party lines!

Who remembers Mood rings?

Mood rings are rings with stones that change color in response to temperature, which is supposed to indicate your mood. If you have a mood ring and want to know what the colors mean, this lens is for you! Mood Ring Colors The 'stone' of a mood.

No, they won't.  Lol

We live in my mother's house with her, as caregivers.a corded phone in EVERY room! and I think everyone we knew then had the list of numbers posted on the wall by the phone]