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HQBR - Injustice - Gods Among Us - Capitulo #1

HQBR - Injustice - Gods Among Us - Capitulo #1

I'd put my bet either on a team of Hawkeye and Black Widow or the science bros.

If it was just among human agents, Coulson would probably win. If the Avengers were thrown into the mix.all bets would be off.

Food for thought

Individuals of his own race even thought he was guilty , especially other races. But obviously this man is not guilty , so I'm assuming you think all police are not guilty as well

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The Post-Snowden Surveillance World: Network Effects, Low Marginal Costs, And Technical Lock-in

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Scarlet Witch (Character) - Comic Vine

ungoliantschilde: “ some Marvelous Shadows and Light pinups, by Kris Anka.

This face wins my Ugliest Face Award hands down. In all the years of researching WW2 visual material I don't think I have seen anything worse than this. Russian POW in Finnish internment camp, 1939. Also, note revolutionary Bolshevik helmet cap worn by the subject.

Soviet Prisoner of War in Finland 1940 Gettimages.fi: "circa A Russian prisoner /in Finland/ eating bread. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)"

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As told by the Author: "Set Apart was written during my darkest phase of life, it came from the loneliness and longing I experienced and it evolved into a beautiful story with a powerful message.

Wherever there is injustice, you will find me. Wherever there is suffering, I'll be there Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find.........a poorly done Mexi-Chop-Shop picture of Rockers head on Superman's Body

The High Court observed that there is no substitute for a policeman; the court asked the state government to submit details on post-wise vacancies in the police department, so the roads and the population can be properly policed.