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2NE1 - COME BACK HOME M/V Two new videos. Dang. YG it's Big Bang time. *nods* I like this song, but it loses me when it gets to that weird chorus part. But other than that, I love the song. The video is cool. I'm not sure just exactly what the message is, I'll have to read the lyrics. Maybe that'll give me a better idea.

"Come Back Home" MV. Wow, really cool video! I like the acoustic version of the song better, but this is very cool to watch.

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One of my favorite Kpop groups. I still think that my bias would probably be Dara.

I can't choose if I like Cl better with black or blonde, it's really hard you know.

We Love Chaerin ❤ on

[HQ] CL for High Cut ❤️ cl una de mis cantantes favoritas

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"only in YG..." XD lol GD unnie and CL oppa XD

Look at GD Unnie though, she'd so fabulous and CL oppa looks like he belongs in the Mafia. Go YG!

#2NE1 - 2NE1 BLACKJACK - Google+

#2NE1 - 2NE1 BLACKJACK - Google+


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Untitled | via Tumblr