(Only people who have seen 'Stranger Things' will get this) I saw a thing that said "remember Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things? Feel old yet?" With this picture of Halsey and Troye attached to it and I died laughing at it XD


Halsey + Troye two of my favorite people in the world in one picture all we need now is Melanie Martinez and Zoe Sugg

[freebirds world burrito]

Is it bad that I think Halsey and josh would look good together Hosh is their ship name

simple beauty

simple beauty


Halsey looked like she just up Dylan's Candy Bar and got a sugar rush.


I love love love halsey omg I love how she does the first kiss thing for fans. I'm not even a lesbian but I want halsey to be my first kiss omg

you are my sunshine☀️

you are my sunshine☀️