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See you in another life, BRUTHA

"See you in another life, brother"- Desmond

Blimeycow merch.  "Chivalry means a lot to me. Without a doubt, it's what love's about."

Blimey Cow T-shirt! :) Support your local chivalry! Borneman Cow should def put one of these in their store!


Jim LaFleur Dharma Initiative T-Shirt Costume

Lost - Desmond I loved this show and wish there was more seasons!! I watched it off if Netflix

"Orientation" – Desmond, talking to Jack while they wait for Kate to bring Sayid so he can hopefully fix the broken computer. Meanwhile, Jack has many questions, and Desmond provides short answers while trying to fix the computer himself.

airline gate ticket taker | airline_tickets

I'm sending you the flight tickets for your online business conference abroad subsequent month. Sure, when an airline sells extra tickets than there are seats

"Hello, Tanooki" shirt

I Did It All For The Tanooki by thehookshot

"Hello, Tanooki" shirt