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Pink dress with a white leather coat. The lace design on the tights is so simple but I think it really puts the whole outfit together



skort suspender and tie blouse outfit.

cute suspender skirt with white blouse and black scarf tie, cute outfit, K Fashion, (≧∇≦)

Falda Con Botones Holanes Kawaii Cute Ropa Japonesa Coreana- this could be a skater skirt.

it is short is color black it has hard texture has frilly ang this in fashion

Ulzzang Fashion

This flesh toned heart patterned sweater looks really cute with the cute little white ruffled skirt underneath and the white button up on the top with the red ribbon.

Out on a date.

cute dress 3 grcute outfit K Fashion (≧∇≦)/ casual cute outfit Cute Korean Fashion korea Korean seoul kfashion kpop fashion girl's wear ladies' wear pretty kawaii It needs several more inches then id totally buy. Why is Korean fashion so cute?

Kawaii-B Blogger: Kawaii Interview Time ~ Tumblr Star Mahou Prince

mahouprince: It’s wAAAY too hot to be dressing like this but wowza holy hair clips do I feel cute ;