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#dialogue #prompt #writing "On the list of things I don't need right now, your sarcasm is at number two." "And number one is...?" "I don't need to be in a prison cell."

suddenly, all over the world, all children start drawing the same thing over and over again. #writing #prompts

Stencil lets you add text to any image from anywhere on the web

Prompt -- you're a free Genie living in the real world and still discretely grant wishes when you hear them. tell me what it's like to be you

One day, you wake up as a human lie detector who is able to accurately tell when someone is lying. Your ability tells you that everything your best friend says, including their name, is a lie.

Too afraid.

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Our parents told us stories of what the cities were like when they were filled with people.

The Case For Blurring the Lines Between Good and Evil

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