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Bears have been seen catching and eating dolphins for the first time ever, after the marine mammals were left stuck in the Arctic Ocean because of global warming.

One photo that shows we have destroyed nature

For the first time in history, scientists have witnessed polar bears hunting white-nosed dolphins. They claim it is a result of global warming.


A photo of an emaciated polar bear has sparked debate over global warming. CNN's Jennifer Gray explains the impact global warming is having on the Arctic.

Lake Erie algae bloom - Where the Maumee River feeds into Lake Erie, the city of Toledo relies on the lake to supply drinking water for half a million residents in northern Ohio. Intense algal blooms, which can release toxins capable of causing severe liver damage and more.

The new normal? Record-breaking 2011 Lake Erie algae bloom may be sign of things to come

The commercial use of new herbicide-resistant, genetically modified corn and soybean seeds moved one step closer to reality on Friday when the United States Department of Agriculture announced their introduction in limited quantities.

The environment is global and does not follow country boundaries.  Is the pollution from China and India affecting global climate?  Find out more here.  Courtesy of NPR with data from NASA.

Why China's Pollution Could Be Behind Our Cold, Snowy Winters

Eye Opener The Gathering Storm Air pollution in Asia may be changing weather patterns in the United States.

The International Olympic Committee has slapped down any suggestion of Saudi   Arabia making a joint bid with Bahrain and holding men and women's events in   different territories

Saudi Arabia wants to host a men-only Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has slapped down any suggestion of Saudi Arabia making a joint bid with Bahrain and holding men and women's events in different territories

13 Awe-Inspiring Facts About The Environment. Pinned by www.mygrowingtraditions.com

13 Incredible Facts You NEED To Know About The Environment

California Is Giving Poor Residents Solar Energy Using Polluting Companies' Dollars but they never say which Companies & Sorry about pic but only one that could attach article to.

The New York State Police are retaliating against scientists for blowing the whistle on "pro-prosecution" crime labs.

Cops Caught Forcing Scientists to Falsify DNA Tests To Get More Prosecutions -- Now They're Furious

The Koch Bros' Plot To Our Kill National Parks | Thom Hartmann

Stephen Spaulding, Common Cause joins thom Hartmann. Apparently the Koch Brothers hate National Parks, joins Thom Hartmann.

Drink up Republikkkan Fascists... thx the Corporate Oil Moochers Polluting US drinking Water?? You pay with your TaxDollars and Health!!

Bryan Henry on

Yesterday a BP refinery on Lake Michigan spilled tar sands oil into the drinking water supply of 7 million people. This is just one more piece of evidence that there is no such thing as safe tar sands oil.

85 000 espèces sont aujourd’hui en danger, faut-il privilégier les plus menacées, ou celles qui sont indispensables à l’économie humaine ?

Doit-on vraiment sauver toutes les espèces menacées ?

The world's oldest captive giant panda has died aged 37 - more than 100 years in human years - her handlers in China said on Thursday. Basi died of died of multiple illnesses yesterday morning.

crystal formations in a pool

Crystals in a pool - Nettlebed Cave is a limestone cave located in the Mount Arthur region of the northwest South Island of New Zealand. The presence of ongaonga (Urtica ferox), an endemic tree nettle, near the bottom entrance gives the cave its name.

Kosmos 2499: Uzay Savaşları İçin Tasarlanmış Bir Uydu İmha Aracı Mı? | UZAY.ORG

Orbits of debris generated one month after a 2007 Chinese anti-satellite test; the white orbit represents the International Space Station. In May Russia launched a mystery object that some experts say could be an anti-satellite weapon.

Cave of the Hands located in Santa Cruz, Argentina dates from 13,000 to 9,000 years ago.

Cave of the Hands (Cueva de las Manos) is a serie of caves located in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. It is famous for the paintings of hands, that dates from to years ago. Several waves of people occupied the caves, and early artwork