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THORN TREEHOPPER Umbonia crassicornis ©The Panama Naturalist This is not a thorny branch, it’s a aggregation of Thorn Treehoppers Thorn treehoppers pierce the plant stem to eat sap and also to lay.

Hawthorn Shieldbug - Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Hawthorn Shieldbug - Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Owlflies are a dragonfly- like insect with large bulging eyes and long knobbed antennaes.

Owlflies, only distantly related to the true flies, and even more distant from the dragonflies and damselflies. They are diurnal or crepuscular predators of other flying insects, and are typically 5 cm in) long.

Amazing Alien Insects Up Close | Cool Things | Pictures | Videos

“AMAZING ALIEN INSECTS UP CLOSE Showcasing cool pictures of very alien close ups of insects by photographer Igor Siwanowicz. Igor is an expert in macro photograph and talented nature.


Lantern Bug (Pyrops candelaria) The family Fulgoridae is a large group of hemipteran insects, especially abundant and diverse in the tropics

moss walking stick 1

wk 18 Nature never fails to amaze me. A stick insect, known as the Mossy Walking-stick (Trychopeplus laciniatus).

Rainbow spiny orb weaver (Gasteracantha westringi) spider at Fogg Dam

Some have arachnophobia, but this spider sets off my tryptophobia with those little holes on it.

Bug Weird Strange Insects | Strange But Pretty Looking Bug

Strange Looking Visitor

Treehoppers: Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae, and Membracidae (Hemiptera)

Treehoppers: Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae, and Membracidae (Hemiptera) ~~ Totally Strange in every way.

Ever actually see this ? O just the shell left clinging to the tree ?

molting Cicada: A large homopterous insect with long transparent wings, occurring chiefly in warm countries. The male cicada makes a loud shrill droning noise after dark by vibrating two membranes on its abdomen-the hatching of a cicada


Insect Camouflage Leaf mimicry is an absolutely extraordinary type of camouflage which helps prey evade detection. These insects have evolved incredible leaflike patterns and modified exoskeletons to utalize this ability.