"Your still trying to protect me. Real. Or not real?"

"Your still trying to protect me. Or not real?" This annoys me! Seriously your and you're!

"You did." <<<  I can't this is too much mockingjay is going to kill me again and again

I know I will get dragged out the cinema at the end of Mockingjay part two vv I can't believe it's ending.

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Ooo I see <-- Difference between Everlark and Galeniss? Yeah but after she looks at gale she kisses him, so ha.<--- yeah but when she kisses peeta you can see how she really loves him. When she kisses Gale all i saw was sympathy.

I don't completely agree 20th Effie being a puppet,  especially in Mockingjay, but the others are correct.

Katniss could be either sacrifice or warrior, and haymitch or finnick could be legend. Peeta could be protector too tho

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"I heard you saw Peeta. We're old friends, you know. Peeta and I shared adjacent cells in the Capitol, so we are very familar with each other's screams." - Johanna (Mockingjay) She's actually wearing makeup.


that is obviously what it is… when else is Peeta comfortable (word is used loosely) and on TV

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I cried when I saw Peeta talk and when Katniss said. You're alive omg! **tears** **takes a deep breathe** I'm ready to watch this now I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER. But at the same time I will never be ready


^ everlarkBack from school, and I don't have much school this week bc I don't have school on wednesday and they canceled so much lessons hehe And remember we will get the mockingjay trailer on april umm let's die together okay<<>>love this edit