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Does that mean that I destroy my girl friend along with her family and ex boyfriend

No, Sauron would actually be my dad, if I was the girlfriend . Very accurate Lord of the Rings level relationship .

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Freddie Mercury commands at Wembley Stadium; One of the greatest moments in music history. Makes this sensative girl cry, one of my dream concerts!


Harry: Wanna see my scar?Thranduil: That's nice.Thranduil: (unglamour)Harry: (scared)Thranduil: Come back when you get your big boy scars.

Lol so much for being able to walk right on top of the snow above the others

Funny pictures about To trip an elf. Oh, and cool pics about To trip an elf. Also, To trip an elf.


Waiting for the third Hobbit is really doing things to the fandom. Sorry just not a fan of how PJ did the last 2 hobbit films

I couldn't say it better myself

Let that sink in. It only took one person. Freddie mercury wrote Bohemian Rhapsody solo but. Goes to show why most music now a days SUCKS! Freddie Mercury is the Man!

Colbert and the Lord of the Rings.

Colbert is the Lord of the Lord of the Rings.

Stephen Colbert, reigning king of the Tolkien geeks. Though the singular form of Valar is Vala.

At Wembley Stadium watching Queen perform at Live Aide while 1.5 billion people around the world watched live on their TV sets....

At Wembley Stadium watching Queen perform at Live Aide while billion people around the world watched live on their TV sets.

The Lord Of The Rings Reactions the funniest thing on the planet and they're so true

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"If Boromir had lived." Such cute!!! *pterydactal skreeches of adorable*

"If Boromir lived. Especially the hobbit reunions. :) I wrote a whole fic around Boromir's funeral boat arriving in the Undying Lands. Turns out he was only mostly dead and he reunites with Frodo.

40 Funniest Pictures With Captions | Fun Toxin

Collection of 40 funniest pictures with captions - A picture is worth a thousand words, but some funny photos with a witty caption are just priceless. Funny and Crazy Pictures, funny videos, flash games

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lotr funny pics - Pic Two

Funny Thranduil, Galadriel, Legolas, Gil-galad, Elrond of Lord of The Rings know how to best nose-less Voldemort and Davy Jones

Holy crap! It's been so long since I saw Star Trek that I never even knew that the parents would be Thor and Emma one day!

This includes movies and shows! Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk(Star Trek) & Thor(Thor), Jennifer Morrison as Mrs. Kirk(Star Trek) & Emma Swan(Once Upon A Time), & Chris Pine as James "Jim" T.