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I just Notice purple guy is Golden Bonnie, Spring trap born on fnaf Purple guy died in fnaf Then Flash back to Sister Location, to know more about purple guy.

Touchy Subject > it's should have been Tb walking to the men's restroom and Bonnie telling him to go to the women's.

Touchy Subject

Touchy Subject by ZuTheSkunk FNAF, Bonnie, Toy Bonnie, Chica "And this is how I lost my face and arm"

Golden Freddy and Golden Bonnie. Springtrap

I await the golden return

Omg this is so sad! The new animatronics find the kids in the old animatronics. ='(

With your daily supply of nightmare fuel & feels in tow. So I asked askfoxythepiratestuff to draw a picture of the new animatronics ripping open the old animatronics and finding the.

Five Nights at Freddy's part 4 by Bitkade on DeviantArt

Can’t stop listening to The Living Tombstone - Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 - It’s Been So Long. Love it A mini comic series I've be. Five Nights at Freddy's part 1

Good lord Chica (follow link for audio) by kinginbros2011 on deviantART

God dammit, Chica.