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vinterferie by Nios54.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

awwww Tino on söpö! (Tino is adorable)

French cuisine is over RIP Francis<< Matthieu! I mean Mac n' cheese is awesome, love, but you need necessities! WHERE IS YOUR MAPLE SYRUP.

Francis drops in at Matthew's place for dinner, and what are they having? This is not as far-fetched as you might think: it IS a Canadian stereotype to eat mac and cheese (particularly Kraft Dinner) all the time.

*cries* I cannot see why people cannot see so much pain Russia a.k.a. van had to go through... It makes me sympathize with him a little (too bad I know e can be a little bit creepy at the same time as well but when I think about it I can see why he had became like that)

*This is making me so sad.* aw this is so touching and beautifully written all at the same time :')<<<*creates portal to hetalia**runs to hug Russia**Hugs Russia*

After the bombing on Pearl Harbor, America and Japan stayed buddies forever~

After the bombing on Pearl Harbor, America and Japan stayed buddies forever~ <<<<<I find Japan's legs here inexplicably adorable. But then again I'm basically in love with him so does my opinion really count?

Hetalia I love Denmark

Hetalia 30 Day Challenge - Day 2 - Your Least Favorite Character - I don't hate Denmark. Just he can be kind of a dick. I know that isn't his whole personality, but it's hard to pick a character I don't like! So Matthias is taking the hit. Sorry dude.

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Korea, America, Germany and Japan, Hetalia Fan Strip

tbh i would love to dance with cats

Ask/Dare 2p! Iceland/Egil - Admin Took Over This Chapter Pt. 2

dumbledorathexplora:  “ 紅鈴  ”

dumbledorathexplora: “ 紅鈴 ”

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden---- Denmark, the human (nation) puppy!

Just another day in the nordic household tbh.... Did I even do that right? I still don't understand this stuff....

Gakuen Hetalia - Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland : The Kiss《 swedens like my wife hands of.