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Dr. Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case! My life won't be complete until I own this T_T

Who Tardis Blu-Ray BD DVD Case Collector's Edition Tin. I'd buy a Blu-Ray player just to have this.

Dr. Who :) if only he would come back, sigh

I've thought it but I didn't mean it like I've had enough. I only thought it cuz I started talking with a British accent and I wasn't even trying 😂 There's no such thing as too much.

I liked Christopher eccelston but he wasn't the best doctor and I think it was his lack of awesome hair!

Who’s who of Doctor Who…

The Who’s Who of Doctor Who, a guide about the actors who have played the doctor.

I want this!!! If someone gets me this I will love you forever!!

Doctor Who TARDIS Silver Tone Interpreted Locket Necklace sold by urbanindustries. Shop more products from urbanindustries on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world.

Yeah it sucks when people actually guess what happened lol

Anil short story essay for kids short story Anil essays *trying to think of things for my personal essay for college* "well ive never been to jail and I am a homebody, also love dogs and make up"

Party drink list

How To Manifest The Law Of Attraction

I don't really drink, nor am I having a Doctor Who party, but the the fact that someone created these is sort of wonderful. Doctor Who party drink list (via Nerdalicious Lyons Lyons Ratcliffe )

Kassandra Cookies, Dr Who......Nathaniel would love this LOL

Top 10 Best Doctor Who Party Food Ideas -- Cassandra Cookies I don't know whether to put this into my nerd or recipe board haha. <<< there was a weeping angel on that cake in the back.

Yes please!

Perfect engagement ring for a Whovian! Stunning spinning TARDIS ring with Dalek bumps on the side. Created by Paul Michael Bierker, who also created the USS Enterprise Ring, Bounty Hunter Ring, and other Geeky engagement rings.

Before The Doctor by life was SO broing, now it's wibbly-wobbly spacey wacey, and I enjoy every second of every single day with ridiculous happiness for no apparent reason. It helped me enjoy my craziness.

I Was so Lost Before Who

I Was so Lost Before Who. Most accurate gif ever!

TARDIS "kid's" tent. No. I would spend all my time in there. Wonder if its bigger on the inside...

Tardis tent for kids<--- haha for kids yeah ok <--my thoughts exactly. It shal be my Tardis tent, not the kids