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Horse - Gavilan xxx , a beautiful Andalusian PRE stallion with an incredible beautiful trot

This is cooper and his mom toffee both must come together. Toffee is 20 and cooper is 6 months old. Adopted by abbi forsythe

Quarter Horse mare Electric Evangelena and her first foal - 'Mother's True Love' by Kelly Cogburn

palomino andalusian lusitano for sale | Metallic Buckskin Dressage Lusitano Stallion | TripAdvisor™

Metallic Buckskin Dressage Lusitano Stallion ... click to see full size!

Any breed horse can be registered as a palomino as long as it is the right (golden) color. Palomino cant be recognized as a breed because the color is an incomplete dominate gene.

How very Beautiful and Graceful

Shoe Tack Our Favorite Pins Of The Week: Mudrooms My Squad Eats Hay Pullover - Navy Royal King Horse Silver Bar Show Halter www


My favorite overo paint coloring -- Sammy, palomino overo paint horse.

Photo Credit: Amor Photography

Photo Credit: Amor Photography

Every now and then I just love surfing through the photos I've saved. Leafing through them reminds me of looking through a nice "coffee table" book. . . aaahhh

Beautiful red chestnut horse running through the Autumn forest with leaves falling and sun shining through. Such a pretty horse picture!

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan [os][7001004]

cc The sun really brought out the gorgeous, rich copper tone in this rearing Arabian horse! That is a really beautiful Arab horse ,love the copper colour