New Zealand Woman Lives Simply in 121 Sq. Ft. Tiny House

Earthsong Eco Community Tiny House 01 New Zealand Woman Lives Simply in 121 Sq.

Aussie tiny house and small living enthusiast with a slight obsession for nooks and hideaway spaces.

Wood stove (and space heater) for cold evenings - Get $25 credit with Airbnb if you sign up with this link

Tiny wood burning stove - I love how it is up off the ground, so it doesn't take up floor space, and it is easier to cook off of. Perfect for tiny house or camper

Most people want big houses on an island somewhere...well a small offgrid cabin in the woods is my idea of living..simple

The Fernstone Cabin - Tamworth, New Hampshire, built with local materials by Trevor Curtin of Grandfather Oak Carpentry. perfect little cabin inthe woods

The view from the porch of our house, looking up at the guest house.  I can guarantee a nicely built tiny home, but I can't guarantee our view!   Yes, a railing will go around the porch shortly.  I'm 6'2", and I have roughly five inches to spare under the loft. The walls  are 9 feet, giv

The Otter Den

A 180 sq. The Otter Den Tiny House by a small home renovation company called Otter Hollow Design.

House between 2 buildings... great little writing hide-away. Do we need secret rooms and dark corners in order to access our own interior spaces?

Tiny house in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England. That dormer window - - there are no design interior decorators design house design

The only way to camp: Sweetwater Bungalows are unique tent cabin kits/portable housing kits. These bungalows combine stability and protection from a substantial wood frame with lightness and beauty from fabric walls. Together with windows and a door, a cozy bungalow is created from these tent cabin kits. The bungalows are available in three sizes: 10 x 12 feet, 12 x 14 feet and 14 x 20 feet. The peak height is between 9 and 11 feet and the square footage between 120 and 280 square feet.

El Capitan Canyon Resort Sweetwater Bungalow tent cabins, near Santa Barbara -idea for our pond

Pure salvage building is how Tiny Texas Houses describe their mission to build energy-efficient tiny houses that are “unique pieces of house art.” Everything from the doors to the porch posts has been recycled from old buildings, and the results are pretty amazing. | Tiny Homes

Tiny Texas Houses: Pure Salvage Building

Mini Wheel House Design for a Cheap and Flexible Living Place: Tiny House On Wheels ~ SQUAR ESTATE Architecture Inspiration

Houses on Wheels That Will Make Your Jaw Drop



tiny house on wheels, amazing interior too If you like please follow us! (CLOSEST TO PERFECT IF BATH AERA AWAY FROM KITCHEN)

If not 2 ft extensions on both ends maybe just on the side with the living room where the big slider would be ( stairs snug between living and kitchen and used as living room decoratively storage) could build patio off LR and extension as an awning!