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The reality of getting the wave of your life, or coming in with three limbs, is a distinct possibility in surfing. The world's ten sharkiest spots that you can't help surfing are now live on Stab. (Skeleton Bay Namibia, pictured by @alanvangysen, is one of them). Perfection > the chance of getting bitten. You decide... // @sanukfootwear

A life well lived could involve one of these hitting you in the back of the head. Just once would do. Teahupoo has been exceptional the past few days with many waves just like this. Photo by @bibby40

@owright @wsl #fijipro @stugibson ⚡️⭐️#perfection #namotuguests

#StillCommunication: "This photo was the first wave I ever shot of @acebuchan. I got sucked straight over the falls, and when I popped up and Ace paddled back out, we both knew we had something special on our hands." – @owenphoto on the price you'll pay for the perfect shot. Skin grows back, moments like this are forever.

#StillCommunication: "This image sums up why I love Teahupo’o and how it captivated me enough to move here six years ago. It is such a perfectly beautiful wave, but so very scary at the same time. There’s so much power in the ocean folding into itself." – @dmosqphoto is one of the greatest photogs in French Polynesia, and this is one of his best captures of the jewel in the local surfing crown.

Even if weren't paddling at maxed out Pipeline, we hope you got into some waves today. Happy International Surfing Day! Photo: @zaknoyle #Surfer #SurferPhotos

One of the world's favorite free-surfers is about to don his first jersey at Cloudbreak: Dane Reynolds (@sealtooth) has been awarded a wildcard spot in the upcoming Fiji Pro, along with trials winner Aca Ravulo. Read more on Surfline now. Photo: @tedgrambeau @aframephoto

I would love a bit of this in my life...

Been hanging onto to this shot for a while!! This was my last wave in France filming for @reef_usa new movie "Exit" love this shot cheers @laurentpujol #justpassingthrough

#StillCommunication: "My caption for this is very short: The mutant wave! (Shot from the roof of my home while having breakfast.)" – @moralesedwin has seen some sights in his time as Puerto Escondido's number one shooter, when he's calling mutant you know it truly is.