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:Bex Taylor-Klaus: "Sup, I'm Bex. I am 18 and single. Dylan is my over protective brother. I am bisexual. I like to take pictures and film people. And yeah.. Intro

:Bex Taylor-Klaus: "Sup. I'm Bex. I love to mess with people. Oh I am bisexual, yes ladies and guys are my thing. Unicorns are annoying and the best to mess with.

that top! WANT WANT WANT. so me.

Bex) Hey im Bex. Im 18 and single im gender fluid and bisexual. I have a daughter named Cecilia. My little sister is Sammy and my older brother is Taylor.

Bex Taylor-Klaus

Still not sure how I feel about vagina, but this girl has definitely peaked my bi curious interest.