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Illustration de Dan Scott

Illustration de Mike Sass

Illustration de Mike Sass

Fantasy Characters, World Of Warcraft Paladin, Priest, Fantasy Art, Geek Culture, Character Reference, Gnomes, Monsters, Heroes

Gnome Warlock #gnomes #worldofwarcraft

Illustration de Alex Horley

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Brawlers Guild Rank 3 Guide (short video for people who haven't done it yet.

Goblin Priest by *BenWootten on deviantART

Copyright Blizzard Entertainment This is card art in the latest release for the WOW TCG, War of the Elements. Thanks to Doug and Jeremy for their great art direction.

732022_original.jpg (750×520)

732022_original.jpg (750×520)

#wowtcg #warcraft #gnome

Illustration de Efrem Palacios

Card Name: Bamboozle Artist: Efram Palacios

Gnome Mage by OrcOYoyo on DeviantArt

f Gnome Wizard Mage by OrcOYoyo on DeviantArt