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Evidências: A destruição de Jerusalém

Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, Francesco Hayez, oil on canvas, Depicting the destruction and looting of the Second Temple by the Roman army.

Isaac Israels ~ Dutch Impressionist painter

Isaac Israels

Girl in Hyde Park Sun. Isaac Lazarus Israëls (Dutch, Oil on canvas. From 1913 to 1915 Israëls stayed in London on and off where he hired a workshop and temporarily lived in a hotel.

Europe was divided into states whose rulers were involved in petty territorial disputes. In 1070 Jerusalem, the Seljukian Turks were gaining power and saw it as a threat to Christendom. In 1070 Jerusalem was taken, and in 1071 Diogenes, the Greek emperor, was defeated and made captive at Mantzikert. Asia Minor and all of Syria became the prey of the Turks. Antioch succumbed in 1084, and by 1092 remained in the possession of the Christians.

The Siege of Demietta (above), a historical Crusades battle in

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Mizrach. Copper plate. Possibly Germany from the first half of 20th century. 20X27 cm In the centre the verse Psalms 113, 3: "From the rising of the sun until the place where it sets, the name of G-d is praised"  On its bottom is the inscription Jerusalem between drawings of The "Tomb of Rachel and The Holy City of Zion and the tombs of the kings of the House of David".

In the centre is Psalms “From the rising of the sun until the place where it sets, the name of G-d is praised.