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Olicity scenes + DIGGLE quote! :)

Olicity scenes + DIGGLE quote! :)

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #3.23 #Season3 #Olicity <3

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Arrow - Oliver & Felicity I believe I had to stifle my screaming at this point, just so I could hear the rest of that freaking adorable moment

Arrow - 2x09 Three Ghosts - "He dies if I don't" - Diggle, Barry Felicity. I love now Diggle looks to Felicity. He understands that Oliver trusts her with his life, and so Diggle will too.

Arrow - Diggle, Barry & Felicity The fact that they defer to Felicity.

all the #olicity scenes in season 3 episode 1 !! :)

all the scenes in season 3 episode 1 !