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Handmade Books under 10cm

Handmade Books under 10cm

How to Make an Accordion Book

How to Make an Accordion Book

How to make an accordion book. This could be really fun for students! So many classroom applications. This is a good idea to create a long zine!

Shoebox by Hilary Judd. Shoebox is a book containing drawings of all the shoes I own, drawn from above and below and housed in a miniature shoe box. Shoes are the only garment we wear which retains the shape, the personality, the essence of the wearer. The shoes are a complete variety of shapes and sizes designed for different uses. Inviting the viewer to explore the differences between them whilst having to regard them all in the same category.

See, this picture just gave me an idea for you new moms - Do a gradual footprint "flip book" in a shoe box. This thing (whatever it is) is cute but my idea is better:) ( Cochran-Smith Shoemaker)

This would be so cute with images of family members tucked inside.

Randscapes: My Unforgettable Book Library! By Randy Keenan. This is a fantastic book. I love the little fence at the end. And it's so interesting looking both open and closed. Randscapes: My Unforgettable Book Library - SOLD!

The Internet is full of different types of bookbinding tutorials - some more detailed than others, some written by bookbinders and some by enthusiastic hobbyist. What they usually have in common that they still focus on giving out instructions for one specific project. Today I hope to give you a...

7 tips for more professional looking handmade books

Natural Bark Bradford Pear and Oak Wood Journal by Tanja Sova

Bookbinding technique: Customizable Rustic Natural Bark Bradford Pear and Oak Wood Wedding Guest Book or Journal by Tanja Sova

Mountains of the Moon by Stephen Livingstone. A series of 250 ink drawings of mountains made up into books for Durham University's Oriental Museum. Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13.

Mountains of the Moon by Stephen Livingstone - handmade book with drawings made from pine ash ink on Chinese paper - multi layered magic box