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Disney! But the one with Ariel is wrong...She wears a flower in her hair before 'Under the Sea', a blue bow during 'Kiss the Girl' and a wedding veil at the end.

As we all love them

19 Interesting Facts About Disney Films except the very first one is not true Ariel wears the black or blue bow in the kiss the girl scene and in the second movie she wears a bow and has her hair up almost the entire movie!

Inter Travel kelionės. Jungtiniai arabų Emyratai.  A move to Dubai on the horizon? Know your new culture with this infographic!  http://www.johnmason.com/moving-guide/destinations1/uae/know-culture-dubai/

The culture of Dubai is very different from what American culture. Not only is the desert a new setting, but there is a dress code. Along with the dress code, things in Dubai are priced much cheaper and anywhere else throughout the world.

Victorian Fashion Facts Unveiled Craze for Hoop Skirts and Bustles

Victorian Fashion Facts Unveiled Craze for Hoop Skirts and Bustles

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The stories behind the world’s strangest flags

A really interesting breakdown of the worlds flags. This would be a good warm up activity for grades when discussion government, nationhood, and global issues.

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Essential Oils

All about Eucalyptus With three different essential oils bearing its name, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of eucalyptus. What else do you know about this amazing plant?

Interesting Disney Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Funny pictures about Interesting Disney Facts You Probably Don't Know. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting Disney Facts You Probably Don't Know. Also, Interesting Disney Facts You Probably Don't Know photos.

I only knew a few of these (Flynn's age, Gothel's dress, some of the symbols from other movies, Pinocchio's cameo) but I love the name Bastian, but that would be redundant since there's a Disney character name Sebastian already. Also, many people know this by now but Gothel's affection for Rapunzel's hair rather than Rapunzel herself shows how she never loved HER, but rather loved her powers. The descending lantern fact is my fav! ADORABLE!

Things you maybe didn't know about Tangled

The Quick View Bible » The New Jerusalem

Apostle John sees a glimpse of it in his vision: “The Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband” (Revelation

The Actual Ages of the Official Disney Princesses and Princes << I think this is probably accurate except that in the begining of Sleeping Beauty, Phillip looks about 7 or 8 when he visits Aurora. So I think he might actually be 23 or 24. <<< I'm just glad I know Cinderella's prince's name! HENRY! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!

The Actual Ages of the Official Disney Princesses and Princes

"Actual ages of the official Disney princess and princesses" Okay first Pocahontas was like 12 not at all near the age that is specified<<< she is 18 in the Disney movie, even though it’s inaccurate

I try not to make it obvious...especially when I bring it up in almost every conversation

As I'm dressed as Enjolras standing on the barricade I built in my bedroom.